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Couldn’t we just have another Blob movie instead? That’s the thought that kept going through the ol head watching Kevin Dillon do…something during this premiere episode of CREEPSHOW season 2. In the first segment, he plays a mean, abusive uncle to a kid who likes comics? Plays with models? Allows them to come to life? These are in questions as it’s not really clear how/what allows toy monsters and perhaps tv horror characters to come into the real world and wreak havoc. Dillon always owns his scenes he’s in so points for that but was ultimately left confused by the end of it. We get a kid who plays with model characters and somehow they get into the real world to do his bidding but a very clunky editing/narrative job was done to leave the whole thing probably more confusing than it should have been. Faring slightly better was the second segment where you have Ted Freakin’ Raimi as a guest on a television show bringing the Necronomicon itself to be praised by a talk show host. Not only that, we get a Bob Ross-ish figure in the same tv studio who ends up being one of the folks who goes up against...certain types of characters that get unleashed when things go south courtesy of everyone’s favorite book. I mean, who can argue Bob Ross vs Deadites? Overall, a mixed bag for the first entire episode of the new season but I never knew I needed a Bob Ross type in an Evil Dead setting before…horror life complete. Check it out solely for this segment.



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