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Ohhhh-kay folks…we’re going to do something a bit different, we’re going to review a horror holiday special! Tis the season! Specifically, the brand spankin’ new CREEPSHOW HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Why? Because I was grinning like the slasher-path, I mean, psychopath…I mean…, horror fan I am throughout most of it and wanted to sing its praises. This segment starts out with a man showing up to some mysterious secret society and they all harbor some secret: Each of them turns into some metamorphic creature at various times and this is supposedly a support group for each of them to discuss their woes. While creature transformations are nothing new in the genre, this adds its own spin in the forms of giant turtle things, wolf things, cheetah things, and more (yeah, the show gave them their own specific names, but we’ll stay broad). So how does this all tie into the holiday spirit? Without giving the twist away, it ends up as something of a From Dusk Till Dawn vibe when the mayhem starts with these creatures slaying away at their sworn enemies. And since legend Greg Nicotero is involved, we do get lots of creature action. The whole segment just has a great mashup of horror gonzo …tied in with a bit of psychological thriller in the beginning. Now, I did say I was grinning through most of it, not all of it…and that’s because of that one little thing that is the most common plague in the genre…the ending. Now, the ending wasn’t bad per se...just way too cheesy and cringe considering all that came before it. Yes, horror has its fair share of cringe...but at least keep it in synch with what’s come before. If your tone changes dramatically…it’s just too jarring. Or maybe I’m just being too picky here on a boozy weekend night. That being said, this holiday special was still a lot of fun…just be sure to have some of your drink concoction left to chug after witnessing the final moments. Check it out…with your holiday attire on and music on deck.

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