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CREEP (2014)

Found footage films are ideally those types of fare that are realistic-enough-it-could-happen which is probably why they are a popular type in the genre. CREEP is as simple as they come; a videographer accepts an assignment from a man who wants his last days documented for his wife who he says is ill. No crazy CGI, aliens, disappearing walls; simply just a two man dialogue show once it gets going. Once the two meet, Josef, who is the one being interviewed, starts to talk about his life and we realize things may not be all they seem. The main star here is Duplass, who folks probably recognize from the hilarious 'The League.' However, here he displays the art of subtlety as an expert. The delivery, gleam in the eye, the more he talks about his story the more you realize he may or may not be up to no good. If you like your psychological dramas mixed in with some horror, don't watch any previews and just dive right in. Some well crafted scenes that can only be described in a good way as...creepy.



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