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Cooper Tire Presents Alice Cooper and Evanescence

I had the great pleasure of watching the Cooper Tire Presents Alice Cooper and Evanescence live streamed concert tonight. The opening act was Ohio based rock group South Of Eden, and they gave a killer performance. They have great energy and kicked ass. Their singer has a fantastic voice, and damnnnn can he scream! He sounds kinda like a mix between Chris Cornell and Stephen Tyler. They're not only great at heavier stuff, but their acoustic southern rock inspired songs are also really great. Their guitarist is good at being pretty chill, but he can also absolutely shred! They only played three songs, but they were all wonderful! I enjoyed their performance immensely.

After a brief intermission, we got to what everyone was waiting for, Evanescence.. They absolutely nailed it! They opened with "Broken Pieces Shine", one of the harder hitting songs off of their new "The Bitter Truth" album. They did a nice blend of new and old songs, which I really enjoyed. It was great hearing "Bring Me To Life" and "Going Under", it totally took me back to middle school. I was also happy to heat them play "Use My Voice", which was my favorite track off the new album. So good. It's amazing how powerful of a stage presence they're able to have, even virtually. I saw them live a few years ago, and this performance was just as good. I was kinda sad that the entire thing only lasted for an hour, and that we only very briefly got to see Alice Cooper at the beginning and end. I thought he was going to do a song or two. But, this was a fantastic live streamed concert, and I really enjoyed it.

Photocredit: Still frame from the Cooper Tires Presents Alice Cooper And Evanescence live streamed concert.

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