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Come Back to Me - Chrysalis

Checked out the 2019 album Chrysalis by Oregon based metalcore band Come Back to Me. Apart from being a lesser known band from Oregon, how the hell have I never heard of these guys before? They kick some serious ass! Just looking at the album cover, I was expecting some softer goth rock or something. It's anything but. It's super heavy! There's some very well done screaming vocals, that kind of remind me of the heavier moments from Linkin Park, and some normal vocals, which all blend together seamlessly. Lots of catchy moments from the guitars, which I liked. The music is all very heavy but there's some soft synth/keyboard type sounds over the whole thing, which sounds like it would be weird, but it works really well. All the songs speak of desperation for redemption and suffering, and many other themes I'm sure many people relate to. I definitely enjoyed this album! I hear they're working on some new music, I look forward to hearing what comes from them next. ~Gangis

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