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Coma White Meets Seven Day Binge on a High Dose of Prozac

Marilyn Manson just released the single "We Are Chaos" off his album of the same name that was announced to be coming out on September 11th. I've been a lifelong Manson fan, so I had to check this one out. The difference between this sound and his last album is quite literally like night and day. This song is very happy sounding musically. Lyrically, this song is as depressing as always. I'm wondering if that is intention, based on not only the words, but the repeated imagery in the video of pills and goggles making you see flowers in the darkness, among other things. To me, it seems like a metaphor about being in a state of chemically induced happiness when you're actually depressed. This is honestly, lyrically speaking, one of the most beautiful things Manson has ever written, lots of rhyming and interesting word choices. I absolutely love it. I am really interested to see if the entire album is going to have this sort of double tone of dark lyrics and light music, With the exception of his cover of "Cry Little Sister" that came out in 2018, he hasn't released anything that I'm aware of since 2017, so I'm sure I speak for a lot of us when I say we've been waiting, and we are excited as hell to hear what Manson has for us next. Anyone else excited? ~Gangis

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