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Today Avatar dropped another single from their album "Hunter Gatherer" that comes out next month. All I have to say about Colossus is... WOW!!!!! First of all, I have to talk about the music video, then I'll talk about the song. This video is completely different than any other video they've ever put out, with a very futuristic, mechanical, dystopian, bizarreness to it, which I absolutely love! How it was filmed and put together, for some reason all I can compare it to is like a more mechanized and more violent version of the video for "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. It's so well done, and clearly took a lot of planning and effects and editing to get just right. It's awesome!

The song itself starts off with electronic sounds and a monologue by Johannes, their singer, which then builds and the loud ominous monotonous pounding guitar beat comes in, sending chills up my spine. It's incredible! It once again speaks to the darker and heavier tone they've set for this album. I absolutely can not wait for this album, it's almost here, and I'm so pumped! This is by far my favorite single they've released from "Hunter Gatherer". It's just so good. Go check it out! ~Gangis

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