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While this is more a combination psychological thriller than straight up horror, COHERENCE does offer a somewhat of a horrific scenario for those that would imagine themselves trapped in this situation. This plays like a full-length twilight zone episode but that is in no way a knock or dismissal of the story. A group of friends get together for a dinner party…the same evening a comet passes overnight. After this happens strange events start occurring. Without giving too much away, just imagine what it’d be like if different ‘realities’ converged onto each other and you’re no longer the only ‘you’ around. This is definitely one of those that the less you know the better it is, so if you like twisty twilight-zone-ish mind benders in a horrific setting, check this one out. The ending might be hit-or-miss…but for these kind of flicks it seems there’s never an optimal way to know how to end it. This one is prob in the top 25% as far as the ending they chose but some might be turned off as to what in-movie rules were broken. Still, not enough of a deterrent to stay away completely. It just adds extra fodder for an additional conversation after it ends. Check this one out…and go in blank.

SLASH SCENE: The first knock


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