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Okay first and foremost Cody Manson was the latest artist to sign with underground powerhouse Lyrikal Snuff Productions (LSP). Right out the gate he released a banger album "Psychoactive" that quickly solidified him as a underground force to be reckoned with. Cody linked up with Ohio group Mettal Maffia and recorded the STFU Remix which was off the charts in my personal opinion. The heavy guitars and drums had me totally rocking out, then Cody comes in with the vocals and dope bars that made you nod your head and respect this man's flow. A bar that caught my attention was " You my biggest fan begging for attention, just a fat Jackass Im gonna you Preston." BARS!! The chorus was also amazingly addicting and you will be screaming along after the first listen. The video for this song was also fantastic with the nightclub vibe and the glow paint. (No I'm not being partial because my group uses glow paint... that shit is dope anyways) Overall I highly recommend everyone to check out this song and go watch the video and tell them EZ Sixosix sent you! P.S.... check out Chain Gang on Facebook Cody has a business on the side where he makes custom clay jewelry of anything you can possibly want and its FIRE! I'm a customer for sure.

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