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Clown penis and a grotesque fetus...

The title says alot if you think about. Kinda pushes some to the edge which is exactly what this clown film does. Pushes you to the edge, atleast it will for a normal person lol. Another clown movie coming at ya but with a whole new twist and a plot line that has never been seen before. Alot of the scenes in this film will down right push you to the brink with extreme gore and violence, rape scenes, and just enough comedic lines because hey, its a clown movie! The acting and practical effects were spot on with your regular shitty low budget cgi but honestly there is not a whole lot of cgi. They tried to stay practical with the whole thing which i love, everyone knows you can sway my decisions with practical effects over cgi effects. Secondly they wanted to push the boundaries on this movie, they wanted you pissed off, bothered, uncomfortable, and try to push you into not finishing the film. I know there are gore films that went much further and much worse with the gore factor but some of the scenes are absolutely chilling and really hit you hard. Overall it does exactly what it was meant to do. I give it a 5 outta 5. It is definitely a must see and highly believe this film will end up being a cult classic.

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