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What the eff was this? After two great entries, Cloverfield (review here) and 10 Cloverfield Lane (review here) we get the clusterfuck that is THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. Though related to the original entry more than the 10 Cloverfield Lane one is, this is definitely the weakest entry out of all three. To its credit, the marketing was great. We got a commercial during the Super Bowl a few years ago notating a premiere would happen immediately after the game...with the commercial mentioning a specific connection to the original. What we ultimately got though, was a jumble of something to do with particle accelerators, energy crises, spaceship beaming, and physics laws going amok. The original script had nothing to do with Cloverfield and was tweaked to be shoehorned into the universe. ‘10’ wasn’t originally connected either but at least the movie overall was great. This one is a copy of almost every sci-fi you’ve seen...with a narrative that doesn’t really make sense and with only a weak connection to the monster universe it ultimately becomes a ‘CLOVIE-tease’ in that you hope you would see characters running from monsters or destruction but we only get very brief hints of what’s going on. A couple interesting explanations tries to explain how all three movies can exist (a Clovie-multiverse?), but I found myself wanting more of those scenes and less of the main narrative scenes with the dull crew. Props for the Donal Logue cameo though…that guy needs more roles.



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