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Some good found footage films can be hard to find, and even the good ones usually have the same complaint: too much shaky cam. While CLOVERFIELD does have its fair share of shaky cam, if you can get past some of the typical shots found in this genre, you’ll be treated to a great story with easter eggs and characters that act realistic. A group of friends in New York are throwing a going away party for their friend when, after footsteps, commotion, and a severed Statue of Liberty head show up, we found out there is a not-Godzilla wreaking havoc where we see the events transpire through the lens of the video camcorder that changes perspectives through the friends. Way before the days of social media marketing that we have now, we had the viral marketing that gave clues about the creature’s origin, characters, and other nifty little tidbits that talked about the film. This elevated some of the myths of the creature and the backstories in an era before spoilers and the movie news we get today. What’s great about the film is it gives you a sense of wonder and what-if scenarios that makes you think what you would do if you were with your friends and had to survive a crazy situation. We don’t really get any cliché answers or conclusions which add to the realistic nitty gritty tone and makes this one stand out among other giant creature films. Found footage is a great genre in itself, but this flick shows you can succeed by moving beyond ghosts and the paranormal which is the most common types. If you haven’t seen this one in awhile…revisit some Clovie.

SLASH SCENE: The final chase


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