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Is this horror? Is it comedy? Is it a school drama? Who knows? Who cares? It’s CLASS OF NUKE-EM HIGH PART 2! When you have a flick that knows what it is and doesn’t try to hide the fact it’ll entertain you from beginning to end, why worry about the intricacies of the plot? We start off by getting a recap of the events from the first film by a body-building student...who is carrying his girlfriend/love who isn’t conscious due to some…ooze? The whole school seems to be blowing up and we get a giant squirrel wreaking havoc with chaos everywhere. Then we get a flashback story and learn about humanoids and ‘meltdowns’ that can occur and it becomes clear what’s going on with his lady in distress. So first, this is a Troma movie. And if you know anything about Troma, you know that we get lots of colorful characters, zany plots, horror gore/slime/etc, and a lot of fun. We learn about this mad scientist/professor who create a race of ‘subhumanoids’ and that never ends well if history has taught us anything. One additional thing that stands out? The music! The soundtrack to this is insane and definitely is memorable, especially the opening ‘bops’ as we hear the narration from the main character, Roger. Combine Troma and early 90s culture and you get a classic in the making. Will it all not make sense? Maybe?! But is it a lot of fun along the way? Definitely! Enroll in this class and reap the benefits.

SLASH SCENE: Giant Squirrel


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