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Clan of Xymox - Brave New World (EP Review)

Dutch goth rock / post punk / dark wave legends Clan of Xymox released a surprise EP last week titled "Brave New World". This was totally unexpected, since they just released a new album last year. Definitely a pleasant surprise though, I'm a huge fan of their work. This EP is no exception. This also is sort of an old school type EP that only has two new tracks, and a few different versions of those songs. The bass melody in both tracks is so catchy and the beats in the background are great. There's also a bit more synth pop influence than they have in some of their earlier work, which is something I enjoyed. It also has those amazing haunting vocals that is featured in all of their music. I liked "Lockdown" better than the title track, it has more of a club type beat to it, and the lyrics are very relatable. The remixes of "Brave New World" are interesting, and each of them is unique and they add some really cool elements to the song. I actually enjoyed them more than the original track. The "Clan Of Xymox Remix" is heavier and adds some almost video game-esque sound effects. The "In Visible" remix made it sound a lot like old goth rock, like "The Forest" era The Cure. The remixes of "Lockdown" also added some different aspects to the song that I really enjoyed. The "Sine Remix" made it sound sort of ominous and slowed it down quite a bit for about a minute before the drop, which I thought was a really interesting take. I enjoyed this EP a lot! I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: The cover for the EP "Brave New World" by Clan of Xymox.

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