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When we last saw our lovable doll, we had several seemingly possessed ‘Chuckys’, Andy looked trapped, and ‘Nica’ and Tiffany were in cahoots with Nica having Chucky’s personality taken over. How to resolve all of this? Enter the new show ‘CHUCKY’ which, being a show, allows more time to explore story threads, characters, and doesn’t have to rush that a regular 90 minute movie would. At first, we are introduced to new young characters, one of which finds Chucky at a local yard sale and soon realizes the doll is up to no good. From the beginning though, we get some good kills, the usual skeptics, a mystery that local cops are trying to uncover due to a series of murders, all while the rest of us are waiting for the original players to show up. If there was ever an OG horror icon appropriate for the tv format, it’d be this one. Thirty years of characters, stories, and twists that can all be explored over a several-episode format that expands the world while also bringing back the originals at some point. Let’s all be glad the remake didn’t derail and end the original franchise for good…the original franchise is still sharp enough to let everyone play and see what new mishaps evolve.


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