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CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991)

If you’ve polished off part two, finish off the OG trilogy with CHILD’S PLAY 3. This has been rated somewhat low over the years, as far as the OG trilogy goes, but it still has its charms. Andy is now an adult (different actor) and has joined military school where his old pal comes a knockin’ but takes a liking to a younger student that he finds. Andy isn’t quite in the background but does share the limelight with the other younger recruits. Chucky does find some amusing times to shine; whether going after a barber, using a trash compactor, or screwing up a competitive paint-ball game between teams. While more lighthearted than the previous entries, this sequel was rushed out only a year after the second. It would be another 7 years before the series got soft-rebooted with the ‘Bride’ narrative but this one wraps up the OG entries nicely with the Andy story. We get some good action, hilarious characters, and creative scenarios. Before the series went modern and dark, review this one for a nostalgic feel.

SLASH SCENE: Paintball Game


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