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CHILD'S PLAY 2 (1990)

While we all know and love the original, CHILD’S PLAY 2 I feel is one of the more underrated entries of the series. We get more movement with Chucky (due to advancements in technology), we get a continuation of the original story with the same main players without disregarding the original events, and the new characters fit in nicely with the narrative. After the events of the first movie, Andy has been placed in foster care due to his mom being put in an institution after being deemed ‘crazy’ from the aftermath. Of course, Andy isn’t alone for long as his new pal tracks him down and we start off a whole new series of mayhem and destruction. While we do hit the usual clichés, (foster parents not believing him, the bossy older step/foster sibling, not liking school), it works due to great acting from Andy himself and the decision to keep the tone somewhat serious through the whole thing. Oh, and the finale taking place in the manufacturing warehouse where the dolls are made is still one of the best finale environments (with one of the best kills) in the whole series. The OG trilogy still stands high to this today, so grab a refresher and partake with Chucky for this outing.

SLASH SCENE: Manufacturing Plant


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