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Oh, there's nothing like the original...!The OG doll himself, Chucky, gets introduced in CHILD’S PLAY. By this time, we all know the story; killer Charles Lee Ray gets gunned down and transfers his soul to a kids doll and we are treated to a neat little mystery of the how’s and why’s and some decent kills along the way, especially for a late 80’s movie. Now, compared to the later entries, obviously we aren’t going to get to see Chucky do too much movement on his own; special effects and CGI wasn’t what it was back then. However, even with that context, we still get some nifty scenes and even some kills (especially in the second half of the film) that shows us this will be a horror icon with staying power. This franchise probably worked due to the casting and of course, voice, of Chucky himself. Brad Dourif is a legend and this wouldn’t be nearly what it is with someone else doing the vocals. Also, it’s always nice to get a reminder of the original mythology and lore that jump started everything as well. Some decent surprise scares even in the era of ‘seen everything’ this one starts off steady then goes full force before the finale. Play with this original entry.

SLASH SCENE: Voodoo doll


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