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Cervecería de la calle Alvarado

This is by far one of my favorite places to stop in and have a beer (or 2). Located on Alvarado St in the heart of Monterey Ca, they offer a wide verity of food along with several brews to compliment. You will see this place is a local’s favorite along with any out of towners so do not be fooled by the wait time, it is well worth it. I am personally not a fan if IPA’s but their staple Mai Thai is one that I enjoy. On occasion they have a Spicy Mai Thai that is brewed with chilies and is delicious!! I always try to sit at the bar because the bar staff is so enjoyable and they love to create new hard drinks mixed with beer. If that is not your think you can always head out back and enjoy the covered patio with its own beer bar.

Beer pictured: Spicy Mai Thai 6.5% ABV

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