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Cellar Darling - Dance

Swedish prog / folk metal trio Cellar Darling just released a video for their single "Dance" that came out back in January. Wow! This is a cool song! The singer has an absolutely beautiful and powerful voice, which I absolutely love. Partway through we get a fantastic flute solo, which I didn't expect, but definitely enjoyed. The piano is played very nicely. The lyrics are a little creepy, as is the overall feel of the song, but that is really played up by the video. Holy hell that video is disturbing! Some of the make up effects are absolutely phenomenal, and the blood looks very real. I also really like how in several shots we are watching the band play on old tv monitors. It's a really cool stylistic choice. The shit that the hazmat team puts the pale cracked skin people through is kind of horrifying. The fact that this band was able to create an eleven minute video, for an eleven minute song, and make it really badass and unsettling, AND keep it interesting enough to hold my attention that long is really impressive, honestly. I enjoyed this one very much! I definitely recommend checking it out! ~Gangis

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