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Cattle Decapitation Storms Through Los Angeles

Deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation released their ninth studio album Death Atlas in 2019 to stellar reviews and many fans now calling it their new favorite album. Due to Covid, they were unable to do a tour for the new album. Now that things are slowly getting better, it was finally time for Cattle Decapitation to unleash their latest masterpiece onto their faithful fans. Despite their band name, Cattle Decapitation's lyrics deal with protesting the mistreatment and consumption of animals and genocide of the human race. The band's original lineup consisted of all band members being vegan, but now only members Travis Ryan (vocals) and Josh Elmore (guitar) remain the only vegans. A tour was announced in support of the newest album and the second stop was the 1720 warehouse in Los Angeles, California. After four opening acts, the fans were finally going to get treated to some brutal metal on a Thursday night.

The lights went out and the fans cheered and chanted, "Cattle! Cattle! Cattle!" as the intro track to Death Atlas Anthropogenic: End Transmission played over the speakers and the members of the band made their way to the stage. The intro ended and right as the first song The Geocide started, singer Travis Ryan let out one of his signature ear-piercing shrieks that drove the fans wild as they started moshing and shoving each other. The rest of the band followed with heavy music that would make anyone bang their heads and raise their horns in the air. The next song was Vulturous also from the newest album and it was extra special because this was only the second time that the song was performed live. The next song was one of their best songs and a fan-favorite, Your Disposal. Ryan's vocals were top notch as always as he alternated between high shrikes and deep guttural vocals that just sounded so brutal. The next song performed was one of the best songs on the new album titled Bring Back the Plague which can now be called one of the band's best songs and possibly their signature song. It's a huge coincidence and ironic that the song is released and soon after, the pandemic happens. As long as Cattle Decapitation plays, there is never a quiet or dull moment. They kept up the energy as they played greatest hit after greatest hit. Easily the best set they've ever done, the set included: Forced Gender Reassignment, Finish Them, Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot) and Time's Cruel Curtain. It seems the show was coming to an end and what better way to end the set than with the title track and ending song to the newest album, Death Atlas. It is one of the band's longest songs at just over nine minutes and is perhaps the only song that has Ryan singing clean vocals for one section of the song. The song ended and the band left the stage. The show seemed to be over with the lights coming back on and even the venue music playing overhead. Still, the fans stayed put and continued to cheer and chant. After a few minutes, the lights went back out and the band members made their way back to the stage. Ryan asked the audience if they wanted one more. Naturally, the audience cheered with excitement and so Cattle Decapitation delivered an encore and final song of the night, Manufactured Extinct. The fans continued to show their appreciation by moshing, shouting and raising their horns some more. The show sadly came to an end as Cattle Decapitation bid farewell to their audience and left the stage once more. The tour is just getting started so if you see they're coming near you, be sure to check them out!


Anthropogenic: End Transmission The Geocide Vulturous Your Disposal Bring Back the Plague The Great Dying, Pt 1 One Day Closer to the End of the World Forced Gender Reassignment Plagueborne The Great Dying Pt. II Finish Them Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot) Time's Cruel Curtain The Unerasable Past Death Atlas

Manufactured Extinct

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