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Carnifex - Cursed (Isolation Mix)

Cali based deathcore band Carnifex released a lyric video for their single "Cursed (isolation mix) on Halloween. Holy shit! This song is five minutes of brutality, and I love every second of it! There's no build up or anything it jumps right into being super heavy, which I really liked. You immediately know what you're in for. I also really did not expect the awesome guitar solos. Almost remind me of like glam rock era guitar solos but superimposed over death metal. It's a really cool touch that I've never heard but absolutely love. There's a brief creepy intermission near the end, which then carries over with a like music box type chiming sound to the end. I guess the song originally came out a few months ago with a visualizer type video, but I didn't find it then unfortunately. This is a great lyric video with some really cool imagery like bloody sheet music, pianos, candles, some really cool video effects, and I l think it's really well done. This is really like nothing I've ever heard before but I love it! Definitely go check this song out! ~Gangis

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