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CalfKiller Brewing Co - Brown Recluse

Located in a small town tucked away in the woods of Sparta TN, CalfKiller Brewing Co is a micro brewery established in 2001.

Named after the local river they get thier power from, appropriately titled for the calves that lost their lives in floods back when.

I tried the Brown Recluse, a Belgium style Brown Ale at a little bar and restaurant called Frank's.

The brewery distributes to some locations in TN, but you'll likely have to get close to have a try.

The Brown Recluse boasts a healthy 5.9% ABV

I take in flavors of a nutty caramel but not sweet, with a nice small hit of hops.

My favorite or CalfKiller's thus far, I would recommend. Plus definitely visit the brewery, it's beautiful.

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