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Cake and beer?

Yes you heard it right! Cake and beer! Sounds horrible, right? Wrong! This shit is fucking amazing! I was living in Pooler, Ga at the time and we went over to World of Beers which was right behind my apartment complex. I went with a few friends that night and one of them was raving on and on about this red velvet beer and she was hammering these things down like it was water and she was the most dehydrated person on the fucking planet and she wasn't a beer drinker at all. So there had to be something to this red tinted beer and of course like most, my curiosity got the best of me as it usually does and im glad it did. this stuff was amazing! I quickly switched from whatever ipa i was drinking and started drinking these, well the infection spread through out the table and our party killed every thing they had of it that night. It saddened me, they never got it back in after that and i have yet to ever find it anywhere here in the midwest but if you happen to cross this dessert in a bottle, don't skip out on it. Give it a shot!

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