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This is definitely a movie that was probably glad it was released before the social media spoiler era that we all live in now. I can almost see the posts that would spoil half the movie and all the reveals. On the surface, this is just another one of your average, ‘group of teens go to a CABIN IN THE WOODS for a weekend of debauchery.’ Zombies or some other creatures show up, some survive, some don’t. But as we progress through the plot, we find that there are more sinister things going on…with folks pulling strings from behind the curtain to orchestrate some dastardly plot. The definition of expectations subverted as we do get all sorts of slaughter and horror but not in the way you think. When we finally meet the people who are ‘behind-the-scenes,’ literally, we go back and forth between meta, camp, horror, which all add up to new lore being added to this genre and more possibilities that it’s surprising more films haven’t tried to do the same thing. When the two halves of the overall plot do finally converge, we are in for a visual feast only a true horror fan could love. Do yourself a favor and rent this cabin for a night.

SLASH SCENE: All creatures running amok


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