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One type of horror that is very niche compared to other sub-genres would be that of body horror. Transformations, mutilations, any sort of disfigurements would fall into this category. Go one step more specific and we get into the virus/sickness horror. CABIN FEVER is the directorial debut of Eli Roth and this is total virus horror. In fact, if you don’t like virus horror at all you won’t get much from this but if you do like that sub-sub-genre, then this is done decently well. A group of friends go, where else, out to the woods for a good time and eventually some flesh-eating virus appears and we know what happens when close contact, intimate activities, and alpha bros get into the mix. The plot itself is pretty basic but where this one shines is the effects. We get plenty of gore which is to be expected in a film like this but it’s done so damn well. Even twenty years later, they hold up. Since this is a Roth film, not every joke/humor piece will land for folks but it is nice for a script to have some variety. Some decent twists/turns with the locals and deputies and you have a solid little horror that’s still effective today. If this is your type of genre, this fever is worthwhile. That dog though....(shudder).

SLASH SCENE: Harmonica


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