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Burping Up Fireflies??

Today I checked out the film "Soul to Keep" that came out in 2018. This film had some good moments but overall was a little hard to follow. Like both big plot twists made sense, but the end was kind of iffy. First of all, I was very happy that the most obnoxious and annoying character was one off the first to die. He was much better as a demon. Also, if someone claims to be a dark wiccan and knows enough to determine what the Beelzebub summoning ritual was, why the hell would she go through with it? She should've known summoning one of the nine lords of hell was a stupid idea. One thing I did really like though is all of the reference to flies. The demon's weird soul sucking appendage was like fly mouths. I really appreciated that since Beelzebub is the "lord of the flies", even though that wasn't mentioned in the film. I also thought all the special effects were really well done. The premise of the film was sort of cliche but it was overall pretty well done. My biggest issue though was when the surviving kids got their souls back. It legit looked like they were burping up fireflies or something. It was really cheesy. I also was a little confused by the ending. I thought the banishing spell worked? I dunno. I definitely enjoyed this one though and hope they use the potential for a sequel well. ~Gangis

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