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Brujeria, Goatwhore and Unidad Trauma in Oxnard, California

Brujeria (Spanish for "Witchcraft"), Goatwhore and Unidad Trauma announced a tour to what would be a guaranteed crazy show. The second to last stop on the tour was Oxnard, California on the West Coast. Metal bands don't often come to this part of California so locals who normally drive to Los Angeles and farther were surely happy to have them come to their city. By the time the show was getting ready to start, there was a decent turnout of metalheads just waiting to go crazy.

The first band to start was Unidad Trauma. They are from Tijuana, Mexico. They were originally called Thanatology, but the original singer left the band and so the remaining members recruited a new singer and formed under their new name. They released their first EP in 2021 titled, Arte Médica Siniestra (Sinister Medical Art). Unidad Trauma came out and started their show with Men of Streets. A strong start that got the crowd going with a mosh pit. You'll notice how the band members take up the roles of doctors and dress up like doctors too in order to fit in with their name that's Spanish for "Trauma Unit". They kept up the energy as they played more brutal death metal with tracks like Cenotafio (Cenotaph), 310 and Alquemia (Alchemy). They were a great start to the show and sadly only had a small time slot so hopefully on their next tour, they get a longer set.

Up next are veteran extreme metal band, Goatwhore. They came out and started their show with An End to Nothing. Right away, the fans went wild with shoving and moshing. Goatwhore plays fast music and you can't help but bang your head and raise your horns along to the music. It seems no matter what song played, Goatwhore gave it their all and made sure the fans were having a good time. More fast music was played as Goatwhore played classics like Chaos Arcane, Shadow of a Rising Knife and Apocalyptic Havoc. There wasn't a single quiet or dull moment during their performance. Their short set had to come to an end and so Goatwhore chose to end their set with their usual ending song, FBS (Fucked By Satan). The crowd went extra crazy for their set and made Goatwhore proud. Two great bands down and now for the headlining band of the night.

The lights went out and the packed venue went crazy as the band members of Brujeria came out one by one. On this tour, they are playing their 1995 second album Raza Odiada (Hated Race) in its entirety followed by some greatest hits. as the band members came on stage, the intro speech of Pete Wilson (voiced by Jello Biafra formerly of Dead Kennedys) from the first song started. The first song played was Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson) ("Hated Race ["Dick" Wilson]"). The song is about 1991-1999 Conservative California Governor Pete Wilson and his opposition to illegal immigration and to racial preferences. All their songs are in Spanish so naturally, the majority of their fan base are Hispanic/Latino. Most of the band members wear bandanas to hide their identities as if hiding from the feds or law enforcement. The fans went wild with moshing and shoving. Brujeria's lyrics deal with Satanism, anti-Christianity, sex, immigration, narcotics smuggling, and politics. More songs from the album were played which included La Migra (slang/short for "immigration"), Consejos Narcos (Drug Dealer Advice) and Primer Meco (First Cum). Once the album was performed, Brujeria left the stage for a small break. Now, it was time for the greatest hits part of the show. The intro track to Brujerizmo (Witchcraft) started and fans that were familiar with the intro were singing along. The song started and once again the crowd went wild and even some stage divers showed up despite it being a small stage. After a few more songs, it was time for Brujeria to play their signature and controversial song titled Matando Güeros (Killing Whites). Singer Juan Brujo brought out his signature machete and waived it around while playing the song. Once the song ended, most of the band members left the stage and started packing their equipment. Brujo and the other two singers stayed and sang along to one of the best covers you'll ever hear. It's a cover of Macarena, but the song is re-titled to Marijuana and the lyrics are also changed to talk about smoking marijuana. Literally a death metal parody of Macarena. The show came to an end and lots of people were sweaty from all the moshing and head banging, but with smiles on their faces. A perfect way to spend Saturday night in the 805.

Photos and review by Misael Ruiz





Unidad Trauma

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