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There’s prob not a better example of a successful horror reboot/sequel than BRIDE OF CHUCKY. Before this entry, we had a critically lackluster outing involving military school where most folks (and critics) say turned the doll into a spoof of itself and this came after a somewhat lackluster part 2. Bride of Chucky got away from the Andy saga and updated the whole narrative to the (at the time) hip, teen, modern 90s complete with metal music, gore, darker overtones, and even self-aware references to the old 80s outings. We get introduced to Tiffany, who finds herself in the same doll-trapping predicament as Chucky does which takes us on a road trip adventure with hapless teens who find themselves in the middle of the back-and-forth battle between Chucky and Tiffany. The series hits one of the higher notes here, as even the most current entries in the franchise, and upcoming show, continue some of the storyline and characters from ‘Bride.’ Updating the humor and score to fit in with the 90s goth/industrial/rock/teen scene was one of the smartest choices they could have made and is a reason why this entry is still regarded as one of the best. Make yourself a date with this bride.

SLASH SCENE: John Ritter!


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