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Bowling For Soup - Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)

Punk/alt rock group Bowling For Soup released a new single earlier this week titled "Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)". This song is so true, but so funny. They talk about some of the "perks" of getting older, like your body falling apart and such, but they make it funny. And the music video using muppets made it clear that this is meant to be a sorta silly song. Ontop of that, it's just really catchy and well done. Definitely a bit of a nostalgia trip, not only to be listening to them, but the video also had a lot of references to retro pop culture, which I definitely enjoyed. This is really well done, and I enjoyed it a lot. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for "Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)" by Bowling For Soup.

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