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With a name that needs no introduction, Tales from the Crypt put out two feature length flicks during its tenure on the tube. The second one, BORDELLO OF BLOOD, is arguably not as popular as it’s predecessor (Demon Knight) but that doesn’t make it a bad film by any means. The general plot finds Dennis Miller at his wisecracking 90s ‘best’ helping out a client to track down her missing brother, the Feldster himself. We get Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night and Vonka from Willow (remember him?), not to mention two model actresses, and you have an eclectic cast ripe for a Tales from the Crypt episode. While on the hunt, it’s shown that a bordello is a front for vampires to feast on unsuspecting people looking for some fun. And since this is Tales from the Crypt, we get it all: boobs, blood, and one-liners galore. The tone is more jokey and light-hearted than some might like; but that’s part of this movie’s charm. The movie is actually bookended by the Cryptkeeper himself and the underrated William Sadler so the actual movie plot is pretty short. What we get though is a lighthearted breezy vampire romp that never takes itself too seriously. Check it out for fans of the genre. The downside is it should have been longer.

SLASH SCENE: The first bordello appearance


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