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Though BODY DOUBLE leans more into the thriller genre, it still has enough jolts to give most horror fans a nice thrill ride that likes the suspense and mystery to go along with it. When actor Jake needs a new place to stay after catching his girlfriend in the act of non-holy matrimony, he meets a new friend, Sam, at a class and gets invited to housesit in a bachelor-pad type estate. Sam shows Jake a telescope pointed at a woman's house across the way and tells him that each night she does a strip dance in front of the window. Since he can't resist the opportunity, he watches immediately his first night there. The next night when Jake is tuning in, he witnesses someone else watching her from the sidelines...after another stranger came in and to steal and intimidate the woman just the night before. When Jake begins following the woman and noticing this stranger following her as well, we get wrapped up in a mystery/thriller/horror scenario that is unveiled at the very end. This is definitely director De Palma's ode to Hitchcockian horror to give an idea what to expect. This is one that the less you know about the better when the mysteries are opened. Seduction, murders, voyeurisms, crazy dreams, Hitchcock-esque, what else is there? Check this one out for a lighter horror, but more intense mystery. Also, Melanie Griffith at her 80s finest...

SLASH SCENE: Stripdance


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