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Blutengel - The Victory Of Light

German goth rock/darkwave/electronic/synth pop group Blutengel released a new single yesterday off of their "ERLÖSUNG - THE VICTORY OF LIGHT" album that's coming out on July 16th. This song is so good! It has a fantastic beat with a rather happy sounding tone in some parts, more dark in others, with some classic darkwave type vocals. They also have some weird like futuristic elements in there, that I really liked. They definitely are able to take elements from a lot of different electronic sub genres and put them together into an absolutely masterpiece. The music video is fantastic! It's dark and creepy and it fits the music really well. I enjoyed this a lot, and I'm definitely looking forward to their album. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Promo image for "The Victory Of Light" by Blutengel on Out Of Line music.

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