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Bloody Hammers - Twilight Zone

North Carolina doom metal / horror punk band Bloody Hammers dropped a new cover today of the theme from "Twilight Zone". Oh wow this is so good! I was never a big fan of that song, but making it metal helps so much! This is a fantastic cover! I love the heavy dance beat and all the spacey electronic sounds paired with the doom guitars and the killer vocals. It's so good! I admit I'm a little surprised to hear new music coming from Bloody Hammers, since their album "Songs Of Unspeakable Terror" just came out in January, but I'm definitely not upset about it. I love these guys. They kick ass, and this cover is no exception. It's got just enough of the melody and spacey creepy weirdness to pay homage to the original, but enough metal to make it awesome. I enjoyed this immensely, and highly recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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