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Ohhhhh Thanskgiving horror…if there’s ever a sub-category of horror we don’t get enough of it’s this one. You’d there there would be more…I mean, turkey carvings, family reunions, shopping-eve, it’s practically begs for more great slasher happenings to unfold. In BLOOD RAGE, we are introduced to a pair of twins, one murderous and the other innocent. The murderous one frames his brother and the unfortunate sap is sent to an institution. Upon learning of his escape years later, it’s time for old tricks to turn up and the evil twin starts to ensure that his secret wont’ be discovered. With it rare having any Thanksgiving horror films, having any scenes that insinuate Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving themes are always welcome. Also, the twin brother aspect is a nice twist that we don’t get often either; often in horror we see a reveal about a twin brother/sister at the end of the movie which throws us for a loop but that narrative is explained right away and makes for an interesting exploration onto how this pickle will be resolved. Props to the actor as well for pulling off both roles. Need to get an early Thanksgiving feast? Rage with this unique beast.

SLASH SCENE: Early kill


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