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Blitz Union - Plastic (Zardonic Remix)

A couple months ago, EDM/rock group Blitz Union put out a single titled "Plastic". I've listened to it many times since it came out, I'm a big fan of it. Last week, DJ Zardonic released a remix of the song, which I had to check out. It's so well done! I didn't think it would be possible to take a song that's already so upbeat, catchy, and dance inducing and then make it even more so, but DJ Zardonic definitely did! The remix took away a lot of the industrial and harder rock feel to the song, and made it a lot more EDM, which definitely isn't a bad thing. It made the drops hit even better. It also upped the tempo a bit, which wasn't super fast in the original. I enjoyed this a lot and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

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