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Blackbriar - Selkie

Netherlands based alternative metal/gothic rock band Blackbriar dropped a new single today titled "Selkie". This is off of their "The Cause Of Shipwreck" album which comes out on April 23rd. This song is great! I love that it's based around the old legends of the selkie, which I feel like aren't super well known. The song is so dark and morose. It's so good! I love it! This band really has a talent for taking really interesting stories and turning them into gothic romantic tragedies with a beautiful sound. Their singer has such a unique voice. It's so high pitched and lends a lot of emotion to the sad music. The cartoon video is so well done. It's absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed this a lot, and I think that this album is shaping up to be something special. I am really looking forward to it. ~Gangis

Image credit: still shot from the music video for "Selkie" By Blackbriar.

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