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BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Scarlet Cross (All The Damn Vampires Remix)

Black Veil Brides released a new single which is a remix of an earlier released titled "Scarlet Cross", off of their "The Phantom Tomorrow" that's coming out on October 29th. This remix is fantastic! I've listened to "Scarlet Cross" a ton of times since it was dropped a few months ago, I might even like the remix more. The drops are great. I love the beat. It's so catchy. They also added some really cool electronic sounds that fit the song really well. One thing I thought was a really nice touch is that they included the guitar solo. I don't think I've ever heard a remix that did that the way this one did, including the entire thing and leaving it as a solo. This is a fantastic remix. I absolutely love it. I'm sad that the album release got pushed back to October, but I'm sure that the extra time is gonna help it be even better when it does finally come out. Definitely check this out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for "Scarlet Cross (All The Damn Vampires Remix) by Black Veil Brides on Sumerian Records.

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