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Black Veil Brides - Fields Of Bone

American heavy/punk/alt rock band Black Veil Brides released "Fields Of Bone" today, a single off of their "The Phantom Tomorrow" album that comes out on June 4th. This song is great! It's got some awesome riffs, strong vocals, and a fantastic guitar solo. The music video is an absolute masterpiece. I feel like there's strong 80's overtones to it, not only in the style of clothes the band is wearing, but also in references to classic 80's slashers, rockers, and other elements, all of which I really enjoyed a lot. Their singer looks kinda like a young Billy Idol. I think that this is wonderful! I am definitely looking forward to "The Phantom Tomorrow", after this killer song, and "The Scarlet Cross" which I also loved, I think that it's shaping up to be a great album. ~Gangis

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