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Black Tar Superstar - Devils of the Swamp Virtual Tour

Earlier this week, Ohio based doom/sludge metal band Black Tar Superstar did a show as the first part of the Devils Of The Swamp Virtual Tour. I'm still not used to watching livestreamed concerts, but I'm definitely thankful that they are a thing. I've missed "live" music so much. It was an absolutely killer performance. Despite not having a live audience, the band had a lot of energy, tried to engage with the fans, and had a really cool light show. The band looked and sounded amazing! During the show, they played a brand new song and announced their first full length album, "The Black Flame" which I am really looking forward to! The new song was in German, which I think is a not only a great language for doom metal, but also shows how versatile and talented their singer is. The new song also had a bit of a different sound than a lot of their other stuff, but definitely in a good way. I love how it was shot too, they had multiple different camera angles, and were able to switch between them to give a good view of the entire stage. I thought this was a fantastic performance, and I'm definitely going to be watching the other shows in this virtual tour. ~Gangis

Photocredit: Still shot from the live streamed performance by Black Tar Superstar on the first date of the Devils of the Swamp Virtual Tour.

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