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Black Satellite - Sonne (Rammstein Cover Review)

New York City based female fronted rock band Black Satellite released a cover of Rammstein's hit song "Sonne" last week. It kicks ass! That girl can sing! Her voice is so dark and gritty and fits this song perfectly! The guitars and everything perfectly nailed the sound of the original song, but they put a little bit of a twist on it and made it their own. They captured the spirit of the song for sure. The music video is awesome! It shows them up on a rooftop with NYC in the background from several different angles, and also features a cool snake. It also has someone lit on fire in a brief homage to the "Du Hast" video, which I thought was a great touch. It's beautifully done. I love this cover, and I definitely recommend checking it out. One of the best Rammstein covers I've heard in awhile. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for "Sonne" by Black Satellite.

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