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Black Phillip Cast a Spell on Me - A Review of The Witch (2016)

I first watched this film about a year ago but was rather bored throughout and wasn't really paying attention until the kickass ending recaptured my attention. I rewatched it today to see if I enjoyed it more this time. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more this time, and this movie is definitely very creepy. I feel like the beginning of it drags a bit, but, it all builds up and clearly foreshadows what happens later.

The architecture, clothing, technology, and all the interactions between the characters paint a clear picture of the era and setting that this movie takes place in. The special effects are all very well done and look phenomenal. Especially the chicken embryo in the egg that Thomasin stepped on early in the movie. It was bloody, nasty, and incredibly realistic. No cheesy gimmicks or poorly done CGI in this movie, it's all wonderful. The actors all had great chemistry and never faltered in their accents or anything which was also great. One other thing is the soundtrack. They did a great job using sound effects and music to emphasize the creepy scenes, and did not overdo it.

The storyline is very different than what I've come to expect from witch type movies. It started off as any other run of the mill "Colonial family plagued by witchcraft" type film, but this one ended up far more gruesome and gory than even I predicted.

I don't want to give away the ending incase you decide to watch this movie, but let's just say I was surprised and absolutely loved it. I can definitely see how it would disturb many people, however I was rooting for it. Will Black Phillip case his spell on you too? ~ Gangis

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