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A good holiday horror flick needs to instill the sense of dread a traditional horror flick does, but also have that holiday wonder joy feeling that makes it appealing to watch during the festivities. BLACK CHRISTMAS is a gem from the 70s that has since gained a cult following and is the simplest premise but it’s done right. A group of sorority sisters are stalked by an unseen/unknown killer during the holiday break. Simple as that, but it’s a holiday themed movie just enough with the sense that most people on campus/the house are gone away for the holidays and only the unlucky few are behind. Taunting phone calls are made to folks and eventually things happen that aren’t very Santa friendly. This an example of a simple premise but isn’t dull. We have a 70s style cast, creaky old house setting, and a deranged killer who we really don’t get to know and it doesn’t dwell on motivations or anything of that nature. Just a stalking/killer story set during the holiday season with enough suspense and a likeable cast to make it worth your while. Also though some folks may not like somewhat ambiguous endings, it actually works in this film’s favor. Check it out this season.



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