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Horror games can be hard to come by in finding one that can actually strike a nerve to legitimately terrify or at least have you playing with the lights on. BIOSHOCK is a classic that to this day, has one of the best opening segments that sets the mood for a very eerie and unique experience the player is about to have. When the game starts, you are exploring a seemingly abandoned underwater city called Rapture. The narrator/signs/music in this opening segment elicit commercialism, abandonment, and a general sense of paranoia that something is wrong. When you start exploring, you have to put clues together to figure out what went wrong and encounter some weird and creepy enemies along the way. Utopias-gone-awry might be the theme here but it’s the horror elements and sense of dread that is present from the beginning that casts a shadow over the entire game. The opening segment with the creepy music playing simultaneously showing the beautiful images of Rapture...that feeling is unmatched in most other games or even movies. Combine that with enemies wearing masks coming at you in claustrophobic corridors and you have the right elements for an effective horror outing. If you haven’t seen this one yet…shock yourself immediately.


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