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Billy Idol - Buried Alive

Billy Idol? To some, the cheesy 80s icon whose hits still show up in 18+ dance clubs? Well yes, but to his credit, he did churn out a unique tune on the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack a couple decades ago. The first Heavy Metal, from early 80s, was an animated anthology of interconnecting sci-fi stories comprised of the best voice talent and rock artists of the time. The sequel, while an actual full length movie and not mini stories, didn't fare quite as well but the soundtrack still had contributions from those you wouldn't expect. Mr. Idol's hit has an aggressive synth/rock feel to it that places it right at home in a futuristic sci-fi animated landscape. In fact, this is probably one of the more 'catchier' tunes in the whole soundtrack. At least give it a can bury it after.

Listen Here:

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