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BETELGUISE! Or rather…BEETLEJUICE! This gem, although comic gold, does have its horror elements so for the uninformed we can put it into the horror-comedy section. In fact, this genre was common of the 80s…The Burbs, Beetlejuice, even Indy and the Temple of Doom towed the line between family entertainment and horror adventure. In this outing we have a couple, newly deceased, who enlist the help of a certain character to help them rid their house of unwanted new tenants. Along the way we’re introduced to different worlds, crazy characters, and of course the Beetle-man himself. Goes without saying, this is Michael Keaton’s film. However, he actually only has around 15 minutes of real screen time but his presence is felt throughout. One of Tim Burton’s earliest, we get scenes from inside miniature models, scary large sandworms, shrunken heads, and possessed houseguests. However, it all adds up to some hilarity as a pre-Batman Keaton gets to run wild. Just wait until the 'wedding' climax. Pure unhinged. They say you can't remake the classics and this one would definitely be up there for standing on its own. Epitome of the 80s, we'll probably never get another flick quite like this one. Is this one weird? Yep. Is it a rewatchable classic? Definitely. Say the movie 3x and get it out for a night.

SLASH SCENE: Miniature World


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