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Ooohhh….has there ever been a steamier thriller than BASIC INSTINCT? In this one, Michael Douglas plays a detective investigating some brutal murders that lead back to a seductive author….who may or may not have anything to do with the killings. The fact she writes about the exact type of kill in her book can't help her case...but then again wouldn't that be too obvious? Enter in the classic Ms. Sharon Stone and we have ourselves a nice little thriller coupled with suspense, horrific killings, and a great whodunit that doesn’t let up until the last frame. While the flick has gotten a reputation over the years for it’s adult content and great nude (giggity) scenes, at its core is a cat-and-mouse game of psychological warfare, seduction, and evil intentions that even by the end of it we may not know what quite how to interpret everything. Even during the most straightforward scenes of dialogue, there seem to be subtle undertones and a wink-wink of mystery that we are only allowed to discover at the very end. This is a horror mystery at its core but also an exercise in keeping ones wits…which can be scary enough. Review this one for a nice weekend ahead...and don't forget the Kleenex.

SLASH SCENE: Interrogation leg shot


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