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Bad Ben 2016 -Movie Review (Paranormal)

Directed by Nigel Bach

Bad ben is a paranormal movie that is a one person point of view. Tom the man with the camera thinks he hit the jackpot on a house that he obtained from a auction. Seems like a great place. I feel anyone would love to own a house as big as this one . Things that happen through out are intense. I was in between in different parts of the movie where in real life I wouldn't have done some things Tom had done . But there is always something you might not agree with. You do see things move. Tom shows you everything inside and outside of the house and you get a good feel of what is going on. It reminded me a little like the Blair witch project in how it was filmed . But it still held its own. The ending was good and I didn't see it coming . There is a lot of profanity so if that doesn't bother you then definitely give it a watch.

Maejean score: 3/5

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