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Avatar - Going Hunting & Barren Cloth Mother

Swedish metal giant Avatar dropped two unexpected new singles today titled "Going Hunting" and "Barren Cloth Mother". Nobody was expecting them to release anything, so to get one was exciting enough, but two? Damn!!! I absolutely love it!

"Going Hunting" is a sorta slower song with a piano, clean vocals, and a badass claymation type video. Johannes's vocals in this song are absolutely amazing! He hits some notes in this song I've never heard him do before, and I love it! The music video is so cool. It's got so many different elements in it. Cartoon, claymation, video footage, but it's all very well edited and beautifully done.

"Barren Cloth Mother" is so heavy! It sounds very thrash metal, with Johannes's haunting shrieking vocals and a killer guitar solo, it is just bad ass! The art for the song is creepy and disturbing and nasty.

These two songs show some of the best sides of the band, the super heavy and the slower, and they both are done at a whole new level. I thought Hunter Gatherer was good, but this took their sound and amplified it and they have grown a lot as musicians just in the past year. I am absolutely LOVING what I'm hearing, and I hope this means a new album is on the way. ~Gangis

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