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Athe - I Hope You Die ft. Ricky Armellino of ICE NINE KILLS (Single Review)

Alt/djent group Athe released their debut EP today titled "Atychia". I checked out the single "I Hope You Die" which features the rhythm guitarist/co-vocalist of Ice Nine Kills. I think this song is great! It's very dark and heavy and has a great blend of electronic and djent guitar sounds. It's just four minutes of pure metal chaos, and I absolutely love it! I haven't been able to find much information about this band, but it's impressive that they got a member of Ice Nine kills to do a part on their debut EP. I think it was a great choice too to have him, he really added some great elements to the song. I enjoyed this one immensely, and I definitely recommend checking it out. ~Gangis

Image credit: Promo image for the single "I Hope You Die" by Athe off the EP "Atychia"

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